About the program

CivVic Labs brings government and startups together to solve public sector challenges.

The CivVic Labs process involves a government department or agency presenting a challenge to the startup ecosystem, inviting proposals for solutions from Victorian startups. The best ideas are refined in the pre-accelerator, with the most suitable solutions for the challenge moving to the accelerator phase.

During the accelerator, startups build an MVP with the backing of CivVic’s funding, mentors and resources. There is then the opportunity for the startup to secure up to $150,000 in investment to develop the solution as a market-ready product and impact change on a larger scale.

Process and Timeline

Challenge Definition

CivVic Labs works with a Government challenge owner to define a challenge and secure funding for the Program and for the final Development contract to develop and deliver a solution.

Timeframe: 1 month


CivVic Labs broadcasts the challenge to the startup community. Startups are encouraged to apply with proposed solutions, through an online application process.

Applications for Cohort 3 opens 25 May and closes 10 am, Monday, 27 July 2020


Up to three startups are selected by the challenge owner to co-develop and explore the viability of their proposed solutions. Each startup receives $5,000 funding from the challenge owner.

Cohort 3: 5 - 30 October 2020


The startup with the most promising solution advances to the Accelerator phase and receives $30,000 + in-kind resources as part of a 'Simple Agreement for Future Equity' (SAFE) from CivVic Labs to co-develop a high-fidelity prototype with the challenge owner. Teams of government challenge owners and startups will be co-located and coached through the accelerator to build the capability of both parties.

Cohort 3: 23 Nov - 10 May 2021


Subject to the delivery of a high fidelity prototype, a contract of up to $150,000 is awarded to the startup to fully develop and deliver the solution. Contract deliverables are updated at this stage to take into account work from the Pre-accelerator and Accelerator phases.

Timeframe: 6- 12 months

Apply now!

Take a look at our challenges and apply if one strikes your interest.

Your proposal will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Its fitness for the challenge
  • Feasibility and viability of the technology
  • Market opportunity of the proposal
  • Team skills and execution capacity

All you will need to do is complete our online application form!

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